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Eraserfans Empty Eraserfans

on Wed 29 Jul - 2:13
Do you love Eraserhead, aka Aizawa Shouta, the strict and sleep-deprived homeroom teacher of Class 1-A? If you do, you're in the right place! You might be an Eraserfan and we're here to help.

Drop some fanfiction, art, or other fanworks involving Aizawa, talk about your favorite ships, or post headcanons and fan theories you'd like to share with others!


1. Follow all MHA Fanbase rules. These "rules" do not override the actual rules.
2. No spoilers please!
3. No bashing other's ships, headcanons, or theories.
4. If something is offensive or breaks the Fanbase rules, please report it to a mod. I am not a mod and cannot ethically or physically act as one.
5. Be nice and respect others!!


Think it's about time for a jelly pouch and some shuteye...
*pulls out sleeping bag and climbs inside*

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Eraserfans Empty Re: Eraserfans

on Wed 5 Aug - 12:48
I’m literally obsessed with Aizawa 😍

Eraserfans Bea31810
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