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She / Her I am here!  Empty I am here!  Empty I am here!  Empty I am here!  Empty
-- Coming through the forum like a hero!

I am here!  Source10

Some of you might recognize me as All Might on the role play section of the server! I'm not really good at introductions, but, some things about me:

- I love writing
- I have been roleplaying for many years and love it
- I love all things sweet!
- All Might is my favorite MHA character, if you couldn't tell

I guess that's it for now? heu.. How do we usually do these things?

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Fri 10 Jul - 21:45Thelma
@AllMight aw yisss! Welcome Raindow Sheep hype

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Sat 11 Jul - 23:32Pony
Yay, hi All Might!! Welcome! ♡

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