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Hi there! You might already know me from the Discord server as BrionneBird#2195 (feel free to add me!) and, alternatively, PonyBird or (formerly) Pony Tsunotori. I basically go by Pony to everyone there so that's who I am here as well! I am a 24-year-old female living in the United States. I am engaged to the best person I've ever had the privilege to know, and he's the one who re-introduced me to My Hero Academia, promising my short attention span that the plot really does pick up after the first season!

From there, the rest is history. My Hero became my new hyperfixation and special interest as an autistic person. I caught up with the anime and manga just in time to see Heroes Rising in theatres, subscribe to the CultureFly BNHA quarterly box (highly recommend!), and basically snag every bit of merch I could get my hands on (read: afford). It also became my new inspiration to start writing again, something I haven't done in a long time. My AO3 account username is Celtice but I am currently working on something different than what I have published there.

My favorite character by far is Aizawa Shouta. He's a big softie, a big grump, and he loves his students and Yamada Hizashi. Also, I can totally relate to his sleepiness in an entirely different way. While it's assumed he suffers from insomnia, I actually suffer from idiopathic hypersomnia, a condition where I sleep for long periods of time but am in a constant state of sleep deprivation. I like to write SFW fanfic about him with a lot of angst, hurt/comfort, and fluff. He's just a good, good person. My favorite student is Asui Tsuyu, but I also have a soft spot for Satou Rikidou because a.) I have a huge sweet tooth, and b.) He reminds me of my fiance!

Anyhow, other than that I'm just tagging along for the emotional roller coaster, focusing mostly on the manga while season five is being worked on, finishing up my Jirou Kyouka cosplay, and trying to stop procrastinating on starting Vigilantes and the short novels.

When I'm not fawning over this amazing universe, I'm online watching anime (currently watching: Hellsing, Re:Zero, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and others), reading manga (right now just BNHA and Attack on Titan), watching ASMR videos on YouTube, listening to music on Spotify, browsing social media, or learning new things/discussing things on Reddit. Occasionally I hop on my PS4 and play games on there, but I'd rather be on my Nintendo Switch for Animal Crossing or my phone for the countless visual novels and otome games I play (as well as Hearthstone to appease my fiance).

Ask questions, comment on things you like (or don't like), or just say hi! I'm an open book!

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Thu 9 Jul - 0:29Thelma
@Pony Heyo welcome here! happy stare If you enjoy writing fanfic I hope you will spoil us with some of your writings in our fanfic section fille contente Id love to read some of that!

Hope you enjoy your stay!. meow

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