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Peace Keeper
Peace Keeper
They / Them Introducing myself~! Empty Introducing myself~! Empty Nitro booster Introducing myself~! Empty

I'm Maisie - it can be shortened to Mai or you can call me Chikin. dancee

I'm 25, British and queer! I'm just gunna throw down some fax:

  • I'm a passionately opinionated lefty, LGBT rights enthusiast primarily.
  • I'm a Gemini sun & Taurus moon.
  • I'm currently obsessed with animal crossing.
  • I'm a fervent body positivity supporter!
  • I'm a bit of a witch.
  • I'm suuuuuper "big sisterly" and love to help people!
  • I'm crazy over-familiar with people like, straight away. Let's be best friends, yeah?
  • Ironically, I love BNHA.  pervy eye I'm a league of villains stan & tbh, have always preferred villain-types over heroes. Can't wait for the end of hero society as we know it!!  yayyy Shigaraki is my fave in BNHA.

I hope those bits help people understand a little more about me and what I'm about! Don't hesitate to hit me up, let's be friends!! Deku headbang

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Wed 8 Jul - 0:01Thelma
"a bit of a witch" happy stare Nice to know more about ya, welcome! @shigaraki
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