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Forum Terms of service

Using the forum. By registering on this forum, you agree to use it properly, and to refrain from posting any content that is aggressive, offensive, defamatory, hateful, or in violation of applicable laws and regulations. You agree not to post messages inciting or evoking illegal practices, or violating the terms of use of the service.

The moderators and administrators of this forum will do their best to delete or edit any reprehensible messages that may be posted on the forum. You acknowledge that all messages posted on this forum express the opinion of their respective authors, and do not necessarily reflect the position of the moderators and administrators.

In order to ensure the moderation of this forum, any message violating the preceding provisions may be edited or deleted without notice by the moderators and administrators of the forum. Any abuse may also be sanctioned by banning or deleting the user account. We reserve the right to inform your access provider and/or the judicial authorities of any malicious behaviour.

Your personal data. By registering on this forum, you agree that it may collect some of your personal data. This data collection is done either through the information you provide us, or through the use of the services itself, for technical data used for the forum proper functioning. You can access, modify or delete your data at any time. Users under 16 years old certify that they have obtained the consent of their legal guardian in order to proceed with this registration. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

This forum uses cookies to store information on your computer. These cookies only serve to improve the user experience. You can read the purpose of cookies on our forum help center. You can choose in your browser settings not to enable cookies, as this may disrupt the forum proper functioning.

This forum may send you electronic messages (e-mail), such as activity notifications, or newsletters, sent by Forumotion or by an administrator of this forum. You can choose in your profile preferences to receive or not each of these messages.

Click on the button 'I Agree to these terms' below :
- You acknowledge that you have read these rules in their entirety ;
- You agree to comply fully with this rules ;
- You grant moderators of this forum the right to delete, move or edit any topic at any time.

Welcome to the MHA fanbase, a social platform created for the community of My Hero Academia. By joining our community you are agreeing to abide our friendly behavior policy.
General forum rules

1. No racism or politics/controversial issues
This includes malicious usage of racist/homophobic/transphobic words and terminology.
Anything controversial as anything regarding suicide.
Admins and moderators aren't counselors, if necessary seek professional help.
2. Keep drama private
Conflicts with other members should stay in private. You may contact a moderator if things start to get out of control. Please keep personal problems out of this community. If you need to vent, use the ventroom category.
3. No self promotion or Advertising
Do not self promote outside of the designed forums
This Includes inviting people through private messages to discord servers, social media accounts etc.
Affiliates must contact an administrator to get their special rank and have their logo showing on all the pages of this website, we may also arrange a special affiliate category to increase your visibility. Affiliates/donators and nitro should not advertise through private messages, Affiliates/Donators/Boosters are not exempt of this rule.

- Advertisement posted into user profile signature are also prohibited and will be removed without any notice.
Patrons and booster must use the appropriate forum for any sort of advertisement.
If you receive any kind of promotion through private message (DM), report to an admin immediately.
In addition to the person who did the private advertisement, those who fail to report and join are at risk of being punished along.
4. Bad word usage
No swearing, offensive or inappropriate words & messages. If it's filtered by the platform, do not evade. Evading will result in harsher action.
5. Respect others
Treat fellow members and moderators of the forum respectfully. You can have differing opinions and discussions, but any hate speech, means to provoke with ill intentions, slur usage of any kind, and/or excessive venting will not be tolerated. This also applies to displayed nicknames and avatars.
6. Warnings
If you purposely act against the rules, you will receive a warning. Repeated violations will result in a 1 day mute. The duration will be increased if recidivism and eventually result in a ban.
These rules are not exhaustive. Just because it is not listed here, does not mean it is allowed. Use common sense, & follow moderator's warnings. Don't attempt to find loopholes or purposely give our staff a hard time. Staff members will use their discretion and apply the appropriate punishment(s) to ensure that this forum remains civilized. Lets keep this community friendly, respectful, and running smoothly.

absence and inactivity

Everyone who is involved on this forum has a life outside the Internet. This is why not everyone can be active in a community. Some are more present than others: it depends on their status on the forum and their availability as well.

12 months of inactivity; your account will be removed.
- Does not apply to affiliates and donators.

avatar & signature

The maximum size of an avatar is 120 * 120 pixels (the CSS will prevent you from making it any bigger); and a signature of 500 * 350 px (the whole, images + texts). Links and advertisement are not allowed in your signature and will be removed without notice.


Advertising in PM: You will no longer have access to the forum messaging option (this may be final depending on the circumstances).
ChatBox Advertising: You will be banned from the Chatbox (this may be final depending on the circumstances).
Others: After a certain number of warnings from the moderators and / or administrators, you may be banned temporarily or even permanently depending on the case.


These rules are not set up here to annoy you but simply so that there is a favorable and pleasant atmosphere for the good development of the forum as well as between the members.

♦ ️ These rules can be modified at any time.

Please enjoy your stay with us!
The Administration team